How to get More YouTube Video Comments?

We all are fans of sales; However, engagement is the darling when social media is involved. In all forms of engagement, comments stand out the most.

This is not just the case on Facebook or Twitter However, it is also the case on YouTube; however, it’s not commonly considered social media sites. YouTube can offer valuable social proof by showing new users that the other users are committed enough to your content to share their thoughts or subscribe to the channel. Commenting on your content can lead to discussion, which results in greater engagement and more users wanting to share your content.

It’s not difficult to get viewers’ attention long enough to encourage more comments isn’t easy. There’s a lot of competing content on YouTube. If you have the right approach, it can be accomplished. In this post, we’ll look at ways to increase the number of free YouTube comments and provide five practical strategies for businesses of all sizes.

1. Stop your videos by asking questions.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of users. They can be wide-ranging (“What do you think?” ?”); however, being precise may be beneficial to you. It’s like user-generated content (UGC), where users are eager to know what you’d like them to make. When it comes to YouTube providing users with specific instructions to follow could increase the number of questions they receive.

A good example is like, “Do You have questions regarding how the process of approving mortgages will impact you? Please let us know by leaving comments! “It’s particular, and it could be exactly what you need to increase engagement.

If you’re stumped, you can ask users what kinds of videos they would like to see shortly. It’s almost guaranteed that you will get answers If you are a regular subscriber. This is a method used regularly used by YouTube celebrities.

2. Comment the first time.

This is due to social evidence. It’s like the dance floor of an event, where nobody would like to join. Instead, we wait for another to step up. Therefore, get on the dance floor. Leave the first message on your videos when you need to.

In reality, it’s an effective strategy for blog posts or even Facebook posts. This helps break the snow. There are a variety of alternatives to consider:

  • Write comments under the channel’s name. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you’re free to start talking.
  • You can ask someone you’re familiar with to leave comments. I’ve asked my acquaintances to make comments on posts on blogs, videos, and blogs specifically for this reason, as well as continuing to do this if it’s needed.

3. Replicate your best performing content

It’s not a matter of whether you should repost it or even reuse it as you would do on Facebook and Twitter.

Instead, use Subpals’s statistics to determine which videos had the most engagement and identify the reason. Are specific playlists able to get more attention? Videos that are a particular size? (In the general case, less than 5 minutes’ movies have a 60 percent retention rate, and videos under 2 minutes have 75% of the time and more comments on the videos that users have been watching throughout the time).

When you have found what is working for you, you can create additional content by using it. Utilize identical CTAs, develop more content with the same subject of interest, or use the same structure. Whatever has worked previously for you, use it again.

4. Make a YouTube contest

There’s a lot of discussion about Facebook contests and Instagram contests; however, did you realize that you can also host YouTube contests? If you’re looking to acquire genuine YouTube subscribers, comments, and leads in one go and get leads, hosting organizing a YouTube contest isn’t the best option.

It’ll take some extra effort to make it known (and additional investment to be able to award the prize); However, it could create buzz and draw attention to your channel. This can be a way of indirectly creating contests. If you allow comments in the game, it will boost comments. To get leads that are real, ensure that you’re employing reputable software for social competitions to collect lead data securely. Short Stack is a good choice for this account, (one of their examples can be seen below), and they offer incredible YouTube template contests that can simplify the game.

5. With Subpals, Stay in touch

If you want to increase the number of comments on your YouTube videos, one of the most crucial things you can do is to engage your viewers by responding to the words that you already have. Like all social media, this lets your viewers know you value your comments and are concerned about what they have to say.

Subpals is now equipped with excellent YouTube comments and scheduling features that make it much more accessible than ever before to manage that. It is now possible to monitor all of your YouTube comments through Subpals together with your other social media profiles and reply quickly on the dashboard. This will help you start conversations by immediately gaining many comments on your YouTube videos. Even if they’re from one of the same people, it’s still counted!

6. You can quickly eliminate spam and unwelcome comments

Internet Spammers are awful; however, they’re also nuisances. They can stop active users from beginning to post comments on the YouTube channel. What makes someone want to ask a thoughtful and insightful query or write a note when they notice other spam my remarks or negative comments, which they’re just waiting to slam the next person to comments below?

You’re looking to eliminate those unwanted ones fast. This is yet another method that Subpals’s latest YouTube moderation tools can be used. You can identify problematic comments and users and then immediately remove comments and block users if needed. This will help keep your blog better-looking and stop spammers from blocking users trying to connect with your company.

Final thoughts

YouTube comments are a powerful currency for marketing businesses on the platform. They immediately let users know they can see that the content is worthy enough for others to participate and provide you with the opportunity to create discussions and engage with your intended viewers on a brand new platform. These are all powerful advantages that you could (and should) make use of after you’ve gotten these benefits.


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