What Should you Post on Instagram to Increase Engagement?

You need to stand out from being one of “sameness” if you want to increase your engagement and earn free Instagram likes and comments. That means you have to start expanding the types of posts you publish. I’m about to say something repetitive, but I’m sure it’s essential to remember.

It’s pointless to hope to see new results if you’re reusing the same strategy. It’s a good idea to keep track of your progress and, if needed, make sure you have the strategy in place that works. But, if you’re looking to raise your company’s ladder, it is essential to try and be cautious about different strategies and options. This is also true of the outcomes you could get from your business’s Instagram popularity. To get more outcomes that are more effective than 2020, you must start thinking about testing various features of your Instagram profile. This isn’t about applying trendy filters on stories or anything like to be. Do not. Even though the social media website has a wide variety of posts that allow you to offer a wide variety of content and information and languages that can reach a larger proportion of your users, you will get more interactions.

I’ll go over the different choices (both in terms of format and content concepts) that you can make use of to keep the attention of your followers as they scroll through your feed. This is also the place where competition is very fierce. In the final analysis, Instagram is the 3rd most popular social network globally and is second-most famous after Facebook. Many companies are investing in creating an outstanding presence on Instagram. If you’d like to be noticed, you need to begin to change your content. It’s crucial to keep in mind that no matter the type of post you decide to share on your Instagram, make sure it aligns with the marketing strategy. This is the type of thing that should be at a high level of alignment. It’s not necessary to make any changes to your plan. This is the perfect time to take a look at the many types of posts I’ve categorized to increase your feed.

Images taken by members of the “hands on” team

This one is for those with a staff in place that provides the assistance you need to manage your business. One kind of post to consider is images of the group putting the “hands-on.” Whether it’s on a particular occasion, or taking part in a training session, or doing the things they do every day amid the demands in your company, it’s the kind of thing that will make you and your followers feel more connected and a part of everything that goes on, creating a fantastic way to promote your brand.

Relevant news

Making comments on the latest news of the moment is another great idea to include in your publishing calendar. As I’ve mentioned before, Instagram is a very lively social network, and its users constantly want the latest news in real-time. If your profile is the one that brought this story and you still provide an informed perspective on the events that took place, the odds of people following you will increase significantly. When you think about this type of post, be mindful not to publish untrue information (fake information) or discuss subjects that have nothing to do with your industry or aren’t beneficial to your company’s image.

Testimonials from Customers

If a satisfied customer provides testimonials describing the positive experience they experienced while working with you, use the chance to share it with others who are with you. Apart from being unique and, appealing content testimonials from happy customers are also a great way to attract more customers. This kind of post allows people to reflect on what’s being said and get more clarity about the outcomes that they could achieve when they decide to invest in your product or service.

Special promotions

You can also post advertisements that are available and offer better and more exclusive rates for followers on your Instagram followers. This kind of publication provides price tags that work like tags that allow you to tag your product in the image and quickly disclose the price to the customer.

Interactive hashtags

Hashtags (#) are an essential feature that Instagram gives users. They let you create words or keywords to “categorize” your content, so you can keep track of what content is being published under your tag, alongside keeping up-to-date and effortlessly on what’s being published in the most diverse subjects. To develop a hashtag that will encourage your followers to engage in a meaningful way with you, come up with an appropriate catchy slogan that describes the product or campaign you are promoting.


The carousel happens the term used to describe when you post an assortment of photos or videos in one post. Today, Instagram allows the user to upload up to 10 images (or video clips) in each post if you post a collection of content in one post without needing to consider your feed’s weight too much by excessive posting (several posts in succession within a short period of time, with the same topic). The most important thing is to try various strategies for sequences and narratives with the carousel. Then, decide on the one that has the highest performance.

Commemorative dates

Here’s a different content for you to incorporate in your calendar. The following are holidays and commemorative dates. Here I will discuss both universals and classics, like Christmas and Mother’s Day, For instance, and important dates in your niche. Think of different ways to utilize these dates in your posts (images or gifs, quotes, etc.). So, you are able to demonstrate to your customers that your company is committed to adding value every day.

Native Ads

If you’re looking to gain more users on Instagram and you’re willing put money into it, think about putting ads on Instagram. But don’t panic. If you’ve imagined that traditional advertisement with banners and links (which people are already beginning to avoid, perhaps) Do not worry as these aren’t these ads that you’re looking at here. We’re talking about native ads (which is in official Portuguese refers to “native ad”), means of boosting your content by using ads that follow exactly the same principles that the platform you’re advertising on. In other words, you post your advertisements in the same manner like other content and include rich information that can be useful to people regardless of whether they are classified as paid or promoted posts. The aim is for them to blend into other food items and be enjoyable to eat instead of being intrusive.

Behind the scenes

One kind of post I love is when the team behind a project demonstrates how they came to the desired result. What do they display what’s “behind the camera”? It is. The contents of these are referred to as backstage. They generally have high engagement since they help the public feel more connected to the company, aside from being aware that many people enjoy having access to all information. This is exactly what you’ll offer your customers in the event that you post something that is related to the backstage area of your business.


I’m aware. I am aware that nowadays, the infamous “texture” has a negative image. But I’ll forward the real one to you. There’s no such thing as a text that is too long… It is nothing boring about the text. I am referring to that when your content is pertinent and, more importantly, engaging and enjoyable to read, the person who reads it will not have a problem reading it to the very end. In the end, this is the best method to keep his interest until the very end by providing something valuable and appealingly.


The most important thing is to know how to mix the advantages of each of these formats to create the most effective content available to your target audience, which includes those on your Instagram posts.

You’ll likely be testing other content templates for your Instagram in the coming months because I have shown you that breaking out of “sameness” is what allows your business to rise to new levels. Additionally, you got various kinds of posts that you could use to enhance your profile and reach more comprehensive users via the site—each with its particulars will help you develop your online marketing strategy for this social network.

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