Twitter Tests New Column Creation Tools in TweetDeck

Twitter is testing out some more new improvements for TweetDeck, designed to make it easier to create columns for various purpose in the app.

As you can see here, the new process, available to users in the TweetDeck preview pool, incorporates the platform’s column creation tools into the main display, as opposed to tapping on the ‘+’ symbol in the left hand control space.

The column options have also been expanded, with new functionality listed in the creation tools.

TweetDeck update

Search columns are also easier to generate:

It’s easier to create a search column that shows *exactly* what you want to see right off the bat. By clicking “Add column”, then “Search”, you’ll have access to advanced search filters while creating your column.

TweetDeck update

Finally, Twitter’s also adding more List discovery options to your column tools, providing another way to tap into the value of user-created Lists.

TweetDeck update

These are some handy updates, which will provide more ways to better utilize TweetDeck in your process. The platform is especially valuable for tweet monitoring, and with more, simpler ways to create keyword and list-based columns, that will make it easier to track your various tweet mentions in one place.

Though it is only available in Preview mode for now, which is currently only available by invite from Twitter, issued to selected users in the US, Canada and Australia. You can, however, check it out for yourself by temporarily gaining access through editing the HTML code on the site.

Twitter’s been working to improve TweetDeck over the past year, and it seems like these new additions will make it to the main app sometime soon either way. But if you can’t wait, you can check out the tools now – while users in the test pool can also try them out in the app.

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