Twitter Launches New Program to Help Healthcare Providers Stay Up to Date on Latest Industry Announcements

Twitter’s looking to increase the use of the app for connecting health professionals with relevant industry insights via a new partnership with Publicis Health Media (PHM) , which will see Twitter integrated into key healthcare conferences throughout the year, ensuring that more people can keep in touch with relevant announcements, even if they can’t physically attend.

As explained by Twitter:

As conferences continue to leverage digital platforms to bring attendees together virtually, Publicis Health Media (PHM) and Twitter saw an opportunity to bring contextually relevant video content from healthcare conferences to the Twitter feed and offer a new way for healthcare advertisers to align with this content. To bring this to life, Twitter, PHM and Medscape are introducing “Conference Conversations”, an #OnlyOnTwitter offering that is now available exclusively to PHM’s roster of clients.”

The partnership will see various major health conferences in the US publish pre-conference insights, updates day-of and post-event, and real-time event content via tweet, providing another avenue for health professionals to keep up to date with the latest news and offerings.

And with the Omicron variant now threatening to cause significant disruption once again, partnerships like this provide a critical connector for many, ensuring optimal coverage and reach for providers and experts.

In addition to this, PHM’s clients will be able to run video ads against the Conference Conversations series, helping businesses reach an audience of healthcare providers who are actively engaged in the healthcare conversation in the app.

Which is significant. Twitter says that in 2021, over 155 million tweets about and by healthcare professionals were shared in the app. That presents opportunities not only to PHM clients, but also to any business looking to reach these audiences and decision-makers. By tapping into the surrounding conversations, brands looking to connect with healthcare professionals could glean significant benefit, and this new partnership will bring even more engagement around healthcare to the app.

It could be worth considering in your process, or at the least, monitoring the related chatter to get more insight into what healthcare professionals are thinking, and how they view the latest updates.

You can read more about Twitter’s new partnership with PHM here.  

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